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Greatest thing to love and be loved. compared to so much and truly experienced by nothing but the rawness of the heart. We have this conversation again. Lets peel back the layers of wound, it bleeds, you carelessly swipe at it with your t-shirt. that was cute the first time, but I don’t think you get it. For you its a gamble, odds are too high and so you keep your bet. Play the friendship card- its practically a get-in-free pass. Opens my mind, my heart, my soul but  not the body. Get some in Tower on thursday night, fill up that satiable desire. Return to me to play another game. I’m always up for rounds, thought I could leave the table whenever I wanted. I get up reeling, took a hit, too much is like intoxication. glance back to see if you’ll follow, glance back cause I can’t help myself. You’ve turned, onto the next thing, no obligation. I see you pulled out your ring of janitor’s keys.

I’m making too big a deal. You always clean up. It’s pristine. There is no fault, we agreed, no gambling – that’s devil’s play. Odds are too high ya know.

Can’t get greedy.

Bethodds are


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  • adriannes - April 1, 2008 reply

    Beth, this is a really raw piece. Beautifully written, what’s the story behind it?

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