Have I told you lately that I love you

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I don’t often get too angry.  It’s not really a very good thing. Let me say that again, its not a good thing.  I feel that anger is just as strong as an emotion and action as love.  However, we downplay anger because it gets abused so easily, what we don’t recognize is that we do the same with love, becomes manipulation.  I am working on getting angry more often.  What is worthy of strong emotion, but not love?  What is unjust?  What makes me cry out “that is just Not Right!”  If I could learn to word and use my anger better, I think that I would bring a fresh style of communication, become a more balanced individual and be able to bring a genuine honesty to the table of collaboration.

In the past two years, I can only think of 2 times where I was angry with another individual.  I expressed it verbally and there was reconciliation. But I was provoked.  I’m tired of reactive anger, especially when it is totally justified.  I am ready for some pro-active anger, fleshed out not to bring up immediate reconciliation, but geared to draw attention to an untended wound, to attract action to an untidy garbage dump.  Wouldn’t it be more effective to slice where it hurts using full negative emotion expressed in a healthy way, instead of sugar-coating a PC response and waiting for an Oprah story?

Nobody wants to get angry anymore because there are supposed to be no absolutes. If there is no absolutes, then what works for you, works, and I have no justified response in anger.  Tolerance is the name of the game.  Passive.  Let’s all just hold our sweaty palms together and sing Kum-by-ya. Until we get run over by a tank… That is why belief in absolute truth is fundamental to being able to express genuine love and appropriate anger.  Maybe that is why we’re suppressing our natural emotions and find them coming out in addictions and malice.  Own up: you love well, you hate well. How about we start defining those things more precisely?

PS- I knew one of those individuals a year before that fight.  I told them straight up “I’m angry with you” and ironically, it wasn’t until a month thereafter that I was able to tell them for the first time “i love you.”  Somehow, it was one of the more meaningful exchanges.

BethHave I told you lately that I love you

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