8 1/2

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She was eight and a half when she started hitting the streets. Not to go draw hopscotch with sidewalk chalk, she was opening car doors and doing tricks. She was 9 and on drugs. She was 9 and on drugs.

I don’t know her whole story, but she told me some of it tonight. Caught my attention pretty quick because she was waving a stick in the air, a little pee stick. The second in a box of two that told her she was 14 days pregnant. I stammered, I couldn’t read her- happy or ?

Sure she has a husband, kids. Started working Belmont Street. Feeling like nobody loved her, nobody respected her. Just smoked weed all day, keeping troubles at bay. CPS came and saw. She had pampers, she had formula, but she was absent, he was absent. They took little b.t. away. Her baby boy, the one she had carried in her womb for those 9 months, felt the flutter in her stomach, loved at first sight. They took little b.t. away.

She asked her husband if we always had tall trees next to our house (across the street). She had never seen them before. She had always lived in a haze of limited reality. But classes, support groups, a church connection had helped her get clean. She told herself she is too beautiful to live this way, too talented to waste her mind, too smart to just get by.  She is right, she is beauitful, talented, smart. And she knows God.

He met her, He provided for her, He picked her up and turned her around. He paid her bills when she wasn’t looking, He dropped the Bible that she prayed for, right before her in an alley. He put her in school, helped her get a bank account. He provided a job within walking distance when she didn’t have the qualifications. He provided a church family that embraced her. He placed a joy in her heart, that rides her higher than any drug high, that comforts more securely than any drug could give. He gave them another little baby. He has given her now 5 months of clean and sober. He placed a JOY in her heart.  He has placed a joy in her heart.

And we was singing in the street, we was laughin the street, we was having church in the street as she told me a little of her story. my neighbor brought me a taste of heaven tonight. Praise you God.

Beth8 1/2
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“Every happy occasion will be a little bit sad.”

For the rest of her life…
Lauren’s mother died of breast cancer. She is just 23. A long way to live without a mother.

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