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I was up early this morning. 6 am on Saturday, not my style, not by choice. I was puttering around my house before I headed out to clean the trunk of my car. I’m pulling out umbrellas and empty water bottles, enjoying the morning chatter of birds bantering in the trees. A man in a wheelchair zipped by before I could wave, and I breathed in deep the cool air. I hear a few shouts and look across the street to see 3 women jogging down the sidewalk, at first glance it looked like they were laughing. I smiled thinking it was cute these nurses were going for a quick run on their break. But something didn’t quite add up, exaggerated motions, very loud yelling. I looked closer, definately 3 nurses from the Manor, motioning down the street. They stopped on the corner and the short one bent over taking deep breaths, sides heaving. The tall one entended her long arms in my direction, the older one yelled back down the street to ‘get the car! get the car!!’
I started chuckling to myself…. Mr. Grandpa had escaped the elderly home in his electric wheelchair, crusing downtown in the early morning and the nurses were too out of shape to catch this quick-witted fellow.
In a moment a gray car pulled up, the women piled in and zoomed past me.
Oh the joy of living on L Street!!


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