thunderstorm in May

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Its brilliant out tonight. Slivers of light race across the charcoal grey sky. So sneaky they seem to dart out just as you’ve set your chin down and enjoy watching you jerk your eyes back to their performance as they let out their bellows of rumble. For so long the rain held out. It was perhaps a courtesy so that the wind might steal the show.
It whistled the stray trash along the gutter and stirred up so much gritty dust it rose up into the sky in a brown cloud. Trees in full spring leaf and bloom stirred their green arms to a choppy modern dance accentuated by the occasional shadow and clap.
Not to be outdone, the rumble rose to a roar and slivers became blinding beams. In a crescendo of energy the heavens unveiled their finale as the curtain of rain dropped onto the stage below.
What a show!!

Beththunderstorm in May

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