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I wait to write, thinking I’ll have more time later to gather a smooth, cohesive grouping of words that will woo you and wax off my mind like water off a ducks back. Not so. I was traveling and in conferences 21 out of the 31 days this month. I have been to Buena Vista, Mexico and St. Louis, MO. I have celebrated a Gingerbread House party, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Ivan’s graduation from college and my engagement!

I haven’t had the space to reflect- reflect on the first semester of my last Pink House class ending. Reflect on my Myers Briggs personality type and its impact on my collegues. Reflect on Mexican culture, language, food, family that is now my own, poverty and partnership. Reflect on Christ’s birth and Emmanual God with us. Reflect on a golden ring that rests on my finger and the committment to walk the footsteps of life together.  Reflect on 16,000 students who attended Urbana Student Missions Conference and 320 who were in the Domestic Poverty Track. Reflect on what God is tugging on my heart in terms of my call to the City and Imagio Dei.  Reflect on  2009 finishing and the start to the new decade- 2010.

I box up my Christmas decorations. I gather fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.  I sweat it out after a month of absence from my gym. God meet me in the mundane and help me to quietly sort my thoughts just like I sort through the darks and lights for laundry.

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