2nd encounter with a handgun

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Sunny day, cool breeze, walking towards Huntington. classical soothing me through my earbuds.

Man on bike wearing plaid shirt riding casually towards me, say 25 feet away.

silver car pulls up, jerks to a stop, man with Goatee wearing shorts propelled out of driver side towards Plaid guy

Plaid man ditches bike and runs, momentarily gets cornered, then lunges in my direction

White man with long goatee and tatted arms sprints after him

I don’t know who to help, who is bad?

No matter, Goatee guy lauches into a sailing bullet and tackles Plaid man in the green grass literally 2 feet away from me

Forest Green Suburan screetches up and Jeans guy jumps out

silver and black handgun pointed at me! I mean, us, I mean, him!

I move to the side, my hands up a little to nonverbally say, whoa whats going on here, calm down.

Goatee Guy cinches up Plaid kids hands as he is face-planted on the grass

“Is this a drug feud? Where are the police? That is the last time I don’t bring my phone with me.”

Beth2nd encounter with a handgun

1 comment

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  • Lisa - May 12, 2010 reply

    Holy Crap! Hope you’re not having bad dreams about the whole thing!!!

    love you.

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