5 Seattle Days

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5 amazing days in Seattle.

I want to cuddle my niece Ave Lu and make sure she remembers her Auntie.

I want to chill out with my sis and new bro-in-law Caleb and revel in their awesomely decorated new home.

I want to walk Greenlake with Rachy and dig into some great conversation together.

I want to relax at my parent’s home and see their pictures from their recent vaca – “Training Across the States”

I want to see old friends, reconnect and worship at Faith on Easter Sunday.

I want to meet Seth and make sure he is the perfect match-mate for my best friend.

I want to spend time alone, in the quiet, taking advantage of the space, rejoicing in the rest, savoring the refuge.

5 amazing days in Seattle. Half-way through.

Beth5 Seattle Days
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