Adelaide Australia, my best friend’s wedding

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The opportunity to go to Australia was beyond a wildest dream! I didn’t ever think I could make it out for the wedding, just 3 months away. However, we prayed, we considered, we calculated…

First, Nancy gave me the emotional go-ahead with her urge to be lavish, to enjoy a time for ‘feast’ to celebrate! I credit my husband with 2 major things. 1 he wanted to send me. He took a large part of his paycheck and put it toward this trip. 2 he modeled to me sacrificial love. I don’t know if I’ve seen this kind of love so up close and personal, and certainly I haven’t had so vivid a lessen in generous and sacrificial giving. More and more this has been recently demonstrated to me: donors who give up their gym membership to support our ministry, donors who cut a cell phone to give to us, and now Ivan… I knew that God is enlarging my heart, stretching me to join in sacrificial love that He modeled. And so I did what I’ve never really done… got a second job to go all out to make this trip happen. God really did stretch my heart and help me to see that it is more blessed to give than receive.

Everything about the trip was God ordained; my presence there for Michelle, my time with the Lord, the Lord pressing on Ivan’s heart, the excitement of different cultures and the adventure of travel, as well as the incredible joy of seeing my best friend get married to a God-fearing quality young man.

The kangaroos and koalas were just an added bonus!!


BethAdelaide Australia, my best friend’s wedding
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