Word Made Light

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In the beginning, He knew. It was a mirror of what was to be.
In the cold, in the pitch black, as water mingled with air, heavy, damp, dark
No up, no down, no way out
Suffocating stillness, eerie void of nothing – yet it held everything
There was no order, it was chaos, it is life as we know it

In the beginning, He knew. It was a mirror of what is to be.
You see, rays pierced the masses, illumination of the dampness
Stillness sharpened by silhouette
Shape and form, order and design
Light flooded that void, that void, became filled

Like vase from clay He pulled light into day
Chaos was made right – He put order into Life
You see Word became flesh and lived among us
Light conquered dark, it combated the grayness

But like a newborn babe our vision was unclear
We kept on searching for what was so near
Even though we saw Light, we reached at shadow
crawling, grasping at illusion
Satisfied with a weak solution

The Word became flesh and lived as Light
He clearly says, follow me and you will find Life

The invitation is open, the switch left on
path illuminated before me
back door open if I’m wrong

But, its like in the beginning, He knew…

BethWord Made Light

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