Sabbatical Misconceptions

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So I started Sabbatical. Yippee! There was a misconception in my mind that I was not aware of… that once I entered into Sabbatical I would immediately fall into a state of blissful relaxation, a paradise of calm and centeredness.

*Inner peace is a lifestyle, it is cultivated and takes time and practice.

I also thought that I would meet the Lord in my first week in a powerful way with immediate rekindled passion and revelation… Nope, 2 words
*Soul Detox

yep, pretty disappointing and yet profoundly puts me face to face with my prideful condition, my need for God, and the need for re-alignment in my life!

Leaning into prevenient grace– Tozers description that before I can even seek God, God must have reached out to stir my heart. When the feelings do not lend themselves to feel the warmth of Gods presence, I rest in knowing He has reached out to me in the very act of my prayer, God help me to want to want you.

BethSabbatical Misconceptions

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