A Faithful Witness


(Start by watching this powerful Urbana ’18 Summary Video... https://urbana.org/video/summary-ii-our-faithful-witness )

Mom and I in the Dome

I bet my mother never imagined as she was sitting at Urbana ’70, that almost 50 years later her daughter would be on that very platform, preaching to thousands of college students!!

Our stories of faithfulness never just begin with us – they rewind to the witnesses who came before – those who faithfully answered God’s call of “Whom shall I send and who will go for us?” (Isaiah 6).

Ruth Hubbard opened Urbana (https://urbana.org/video/ruth-hubbard-directors-welcome ) with the chilling question that lingers unspoken in many of this generations’ heart – in light of the ‘offensive’ nature of conversion in our culture today, in light of the atrocities committed by well-meaning missions in the past, in light of all the resistance and challenges, should we still be having a mission’s conference? Her charge, “… we MUST” set a bold call that thousands of attendees resonated with, and by week’s end they emphatically cried, “Here I am, Send me!”

BethA Faithful Witness
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