Seeking the Upsidedown Kingdom

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Once there was and Once there was not… 

Once there was, and once there was not, a magical place of pure delight and wonder. In this land a thriving people flourished. Along the city streets mischievous little boys and adventurous little girls played. Happy mothers nursed their infants with no fear of death or disease. In this city, no one trained for war anymore – all of their guns had been made into farming equipment. And so young women and men built their own houses and planted their own vineyards and ate and drank out of the abundance of its harvest, no one was hungry. Peace was so pervasive and natural that even the wolf cubs played with the lambs.  Here, the courts always rendered true and sound judgements, but in fact, they were empty because the people acted justly, they loved mercy and they walked humbly together in community. 

Sitting along mainstreet the elders would gather, their canes stacked along the rail, as they reminisced about the times of old. 

BethSeeking the Upsidedown Kingdom
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