I am Beth Paz a Minister a Neighbor a Preacher a Kingdom Builder

About Beth

Beth Paz has dedicated her life to mobilizing young people to be the next generation of leaders to live out the Gospel and join God’s mission of justice and righteousness.

Growing up in the state of Washington, Beth wanted to be an international missionary, but God redirected her to pursue inner-city missions in Fresno, California. She invested 11 years in leadership development and incarnational ministry with InterVarsity’s Fresno Institute for Urban Leadership, and served 3 years as the Director of High School Ministry at First Presbyterian Church in Fresno, CA. In 2019 Beth graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with her Masters of Divinity. She is currently pastoring college students and young adults at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, Ca.

Beth has traveled to over 30 countries and served as a North American delegate for the Lausanne Movement’s 2016 Younger Leaders Gathering in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is a passionate communicator of the Gospel and preaches at conferences and churches across the United States and internationally. During her time at Fuller Theological Seminary she was the 2018 recipient of the Hooper – Keefe Preaching Award and the prestigious Parish Pulpit Fellowship (2019-2020) where she lived internationally in Guatemala and Albania. Today she lives in Pasadena, where she continues to cultivate and build the Kingdom of God.

Speaking Topics:

  • Biblical exposition on books of the Bible for consistent witness 
  • Trifecta Leadership – discipleship practices of Evangelism/Word, Biblical Justice/Deed, and Holy Spirit direction/Sign for wholistic witness. 
  • Culturally Intelligent Christians – authentic witness through understanding ethnic Identity, crossing-cultures, interpersonal relationships, equipping short-term teams, conflict and reconciliation and systemic injustice
  • The Kingdom of God & the Church Today – identifying significant barriers and assets for the Church to press into for effective witness
  • Spiritual Formation – cultivating deep connection with Jesus for sustainable witness
  • Practices of Biblical Community – practicing the “one anothers” of Scripture for winsome witness
  • Beth is a prophetic speaker who calls the Body into a more authentic communion with God. She lives what she preaches and tangibly demonstrates what faithfulness in the day to day grind of life looks like.

    Dominique Gilliard Author and Director of Racial Righteousness & Reconciliation, Evangelical Covenant Church
  • A truly engaging speaker and dynamic leader, Beth inspires and challenges audiences with her passion for Jesus, her deep-rooted love for her community, and her zeal for life.

    Lisa Rodriguez Watson Leadership Development & Training Director, CCDA
  • Beth Paz’s teaching uniquely combines spiritual vitality and energy with solid content in a way that reflects the heart of a practitioner and the mind of a leader.

    Dr. Randy White Author and Executive Director of the Center for Community Transformation at Fresno Pacific University
  • Beth brings a fresh, gritty, passionate, and Gospel-centered approach to every message she gives. I love hearing her preach.

    Jeremy Vaccaro Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Fresno
  • Beth has a voice for the ears of a generation!  Her authenticity coupled with a rare and fiery passion is uniquely compelling. The lived compassion of Beth’s life story make her believable and a trusted communicator.

    York Moore National Evangelist, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

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